The MedTag Program for Schools

The MedTag System is a simple solution That allows instant access to a student’s health and emergency contact information whenever a medical situation arises during school.

With the MedTag System, whether that situation is minor or major, it can be dealt with in a more efficient manner, because all this information is now physically connected to the student at all times.

This will simplify the treatment process by removing the task of manually searching for paper records or scrolling through computer files, ensuring that the school’s focus is directed towards the student the whole time.

The MedTag System will enhance a school’s health and safety features, providing parents with peace of mind knowing that a practical program is in place, resulting in faster and more efficient treatment should their child be involved in any medical situation.

If you would like more information about the MedTag Program for your school, you may contact us at or 986.4564.


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