The MedTag ID & MedTag App

The MedTag ID is an NFC tag that stores a student’s basic medical and emergency contact information. Lightweight and unobtrusive, it can easily be attached to their School ID, ensuring that they are physically connected to their pertinent information at all times.

The information in the MedTag ID can only be read by an NFC-enabled smartphone equipped with our MedTag Mobile Application, both of which are provided to schools, kept in their office or clinic, and ready whenever a medical situation arises.

In the eventuality that a student is sick or injured, a school official or nurse simply taps the student’s MedTag ID against the MedTag smartphone, and can instantly view the student’s medical and emergency contact information.

During the medical situation, even contacting a parent/guardian is further simplified. With one tap on the the smartphone, MedTag App sends an automated message advising them that their child’s MedTag ID was viewed.

Benefits of using the MedTag ID & MedTag Application:

  • The MedTag ID provides students with a voice in case they are disoriented, unconscious or too young and unable to convey their conditions/allergies.
  • Being physically connected, the student’s pertinent information goes wherever they go, making it perfect for field trips, events and overnight retreats.
  • Because information is available in an instant, it eliminates the need to manually search for paper files or scroll through computer records.
  • Instant information means students receive proper treatment faster. Minutes, even seconds count when dealing with a serious emergency.
  • One tap of a button on the MedTag App, sends an SMS message to the student’s emergency contact, further simplifying the process.

If you would like to implement the MedTag Program at your school, you may contact us at or 986.4564.


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