The MedTag Program – FAQ

What is the MedTag Program? The MedTag program is a modern and practical solution of instantly accessing a student’s health and emergency contact information when a medical situation occurs during school. It was developed to enhance, and at the same time simplify a school’s medical services and procedures.

How much does the MedTag Program cost and is there a required minimum number of students? The MedTag Program is absolutely free for schools, provided that they have a minimum of 50 students to start. Schools with less than 50 students may still participate in the MedTag program, however some concessions will have to be made. Contact us for more details.

Is MedTag an international product brought into the country? No, the MedTag Program was conceptualized and designed in the Philippines.

What is the MedTag ID? The MedTag ID is a small, lightweight NFC tag that is equipped with an NFC “chip.” The chip is programmed with a student’s individual medical and emergency contact information, which can only be viewed when tapped against the MedTag App. The MedTag ID is typically attached to the child’s student ID, so that they are physically connected to their pertinent information at all times. Read more about it here.

How is the student’s information programmed into the MedTag ID? At the start of each school year, parents are asked to fill out a Personal Information Form (PIF). This information is encoded into the MedTag ID. Once programmed, the chip inside the MedTag ID is locked and information cannot be changed.

Where do the parents purchase the MedTag ID and how much are they? Parents purchase the MedTag ID from the school for Php900. The MedTag ID can be presented to the parents as an additional cost or the school may opt to incorporate it into the tuition fee as a new health and safety feature of the school.

Does the MedTag ID have a warranty? Our MedTag ID comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty and will be replaced if the chip inside the tag is defective and cannot be read. A MedTag ID that is physically damaged or lost is not covered by the warranty, but can be replaced for a small fee of P300.

What if I need to update the information? Part of our one-year warranty includes one free update to a student’s MedTag ID, in case they are diagnosed with a new allergy/condition, or a change of contact persons or other details in their MedTag ID is required. Subsequent updates are subject to a minimal administrative fee of Php300.

Do students need to purchase a new MedTag ID the following year? Parents with returning students will only pay P450 for their child’s new MedTag ID the following year, still inclusive of a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Do the schools make commission from the sale of a MedTag ID? MedTag donates 25% of all MedTag ID sales back to the school or a charity/organization of their choice.

Is it waterproof? Yes, the MedTag ID is waterproof.


What is the MedTag App? The MedTag App is an android-based mobile application that uses NFC technology to communicate with the MedTag ID. By tapping the two together, the MedTag App instantly displays a child’s medical and emergency contact information. Read more about it here.

How do we get the MedTag App for our school? Partner schools are provided with a free smartphone, already equipped with the MedTag App. In fact, the free smartphone also comes with a monthly post-paid plan that schools can use for contacting parents.

Can school officials download the MedTag App into their personal phones? For the security of all students and their information, we do not allow the MedTag App to be personally downloaded. However, someone from our MedTag Team can visit a school and personally upload the app into a staff member’s phone. This is to ensure that students’ confidential information are only viewed by authorized school personnel.

Does the MedTag App require internet connection? No it does not. The MedTag App and ID uses RFID/NFC technology to display the student’s medical and emergency contact information.

Does the MedTag App work on any smartphone? No, the MedTag App is only compatible with Android smartphones that have NFC capabilities.

What is the MedTag Live Support for? There are two main purposes for our live support. (1) As a failsafe back up, the school may contact the MedTag offices to obtain the student’s information, in case the MedTag App or ID malfunctions. (2) To provide further support to the school, and student, should a medical situation require a visit to a hospital.

Is Live Support provided 24 hours a day? Live support is provided from 6am to 8pm, with on-call support from 8pm to 6am.

How is the MedTag Live Support contacted? Schools simply tap the call and/or SMS icon in the MedTag App to contact our live support. Parents will be provided with a direct line to live support when they receive their child’s MedTag ID. They will also be assigned with a unique password to open communications with a MedTag agent.

What is the On-Call support for? If the student is injured or sick outside of school and needs to visit the emergency room, instead of searching for their own files at home or if they do not have it with them, they or their parents may request our on-call support to pull up their digital records, to be sent to the hospital on their behalf.

What is the Emergency Medical Records Storage (EMR)? EMR Storage is an inclusive service provided to MedTag ID holders. Parents of students with serious conditions, allergies, etc., may submit additional medical records with their PIF, which will be digitized and stored in the MedTag servers. For instance, medical history, x-rays, previous blood tests, vaccinations, etc., that may be of any importance to their child’s conditions.

Why are digitized medical records so important? If the student’s medical situation in school needs to be escalated with a visit to a hospital, these records can be forwarded to the emergency room ahead of their arrival, so that the medical staff is prepared to treat them immediately. During certain emergencies, having the right information can save a life.

How are the medical records directed to the hospital? The school would simply tap the call icon in the MedTag App to instantly contact our office, providing us with the name of student and the hospital they are destined for. Once this information is relayed, the live support agent will immediately forward all the digital records to the hospital on behalf of the school.

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