Protecting Allergic Kids at School

Who says allergies have to be debilitating? It really doesn’t have to be if we are mindful of what triggers our child’s allergies and plan for the eventuality that an allergic reaction will occur during school. The prevalence of allergies is rapidly rising in the Philippines, and the rest of the developed world, with the number of… Continue reading Protecting Allergic Kids at School

The MedTag ID & MedTag App

The MedTag ID is an NFC tag that stores a student’s basic medical and emergency contact information. Lightweight and unobtrusive, it can easily be attached to their School ID, ensuring that they are physically connected to their pertinent information at all times. The information in the MedTag ID can only be read by an NFC-enabled smartphone equipped… Continue reading The MedTag ID & MedTag App

The MedTag Program for Schools

The MedTag System is a simple solution That allows instant access to a student’s health and emergency contact information whenever a medical situation arises during school. With the MedTag System, whether that situation is minor or major, it can be dealt with in a more efficient manner, because all this information is now physically connected… Continue reading The MedTag Program for Schools